Sylvia's PURE Nails
If you want a polish change go anywhere if you want a PURE experience come to us!
     Pure Manicure: 23.00 inlcuding french manicure
     Pure Spa Manicure: 33.00 includes mask and extra massage
     Pure Gel Manicure: 40.00 with removal of gel polish: 50.00.
    Pure Indulgences
     Paraffin: 10.00
     Natural Nail Boost gel treatment: 15.00
     Polish Seal: 10.00 complimentary with natural nail boost and all spa services
     Removal of gel polish for non Pure regular guests: 20.00
    Pedicure Services
     PURE pedicure: 43.00
     PURE spa pedicure: 53.00 includes Paraffin and Mask
     PURE Hydrating Pedicure: 63.00
     Gel Polish pedicure: 55.00
     PURE Sculpted Nails: 105.00 and up
     PURE rebalance: 50.00 and up
     PURE nail art by consultation
May special book Mani and Pedi together and receive 10% off.
Cannot be combined with any other offer.
Pure believes that having beautiful nails is a partnership.
We stand behind our work with proper care and maintenance by our guests as recommended by our advanced technicians.    
We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone seeming to have a condition beyond our scope of practice.